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Not-So-Basic Pumpkin Spice Rice

Pumpkin spice gets mocked a lot once fall starts showing up, but it has so much to offer. You wouldn't think of pumpkin spice rice, but you should. It's savory, with the tart sweetness of the dried fruit, and plenty of chicken for protein. It's not basic, and it's very tasty! Gluten-free and dairy-free as… Continue reading Not-So-Basic Pumpkin Spice Rice

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Local Adventures: Fort Casey State Park

Fort Casey State Park sits in Central Whidbey Island, just past Coupeville, Washington. It is part of a three base layout, in the old days the hope it could protect the Strait of San Juan de Fuca (the Salish Sea).¬†Admiralty Inlet on Whidbey Island was considered so strategic to the defense of Puget Sound in… Continue reading Local Adventures: Fort Casey State Park

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Commercial Meal Review: Three From Alpine Aire

Three meals from Alpine Aire: 2 dinners, 1 breakfast. The dinners are "add boiling water, wait, and eat", the breakfast takes cooking after. Cheese Enchilada Ranchero. This meal can serve two easily with the addition of flour tortillas, using it as a burrito filling. Bring along some cheddar to sprinkle on. I was not a… Continue reading Commercial Meal Review: Three From Alpine Aire