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Book Review: Dry It-You’ll Like It

I had been meaning to pick up a copy of Dry It – You’ll Like It:


I came across a copy of it at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon this past weekend, and picked it up.

The book has been in print for many years now, and in a way is a bible on old school home dehydrating. Reading the book once again reminded me of my mom when I was a young child. She loved to preserve food and we didn’t have much extra money – she did nearly everything the old way and if you could do it electricity free even better.

Gen’s book is that: a reminder of the days of granola heads in the 1970’s making bread, jams, drying food, canning for your family. A gentle reminder to not lose the knowledge of making your own food.

Most of all I love the text of the book. It is done in handwriting font. You have the feeling of reading an old friends notes.

For those with only the desire to get the job done this book won’t help you but if you feel like taking the slow road ever, pick a copy up.

You can also find the book carried on their website, Dry It. They are based not far from where we live, in the foothills of the Cascades. They offer dehydrators as well as the book on the site.