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Book Review: Sex In A Tent

Recently I had a reader contact me and mention that he had found our website while perusing a book he had picked up.

Michelle Waitzman, who runs the blog, Love In A Tent, is the author of Sex In A Tent:


Her book came out in late 2007, and she mentions our website and our book in sections of the book (Pages 65-66 & 160.

Thank you, Michelle!

Btw, if you haven’t checked her book out it is a very, very funny book. There are so many sections that bring on the belly laughs. The “I know people like that” smiles 😉 I would say that the “High Altitude Pick-Up Artist” on page 11 had me howling. Oh, us ladies ALL know guys like that!

There are also some very tasty looking recipes in it as well.

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