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The Two Things That Saved My Feet

A couple weeks ago I wrote about toed Injinji Socks and how since going to them I have had zero blisters and no hot spots. Completely stopped. It has been unbelievable that something as simple as a $16 pair of socks could prevent what had been for me a given: painful blisters between my big and second toe, blisters under my big toes, blisters on my small toes, blisters on my heels.

Every trip, somewhere between mile 5-8 I would get them. I carried a lot of blister care with me – I would try anything that came out on the market. But that is it: blister care only stopped or took away pain. It didn’t stop the blisters. Even when I would catch the hot spots in time they were still there. I was often wearing special bandages that cost $1 a wear and I would have 3-4 on my feet on long hikes. I hated the healing process, waiting for my skin to repair between hikes.

If I can preach this to anyone who gets blisters, please try a pair! They may be your miracle. Imagine getting up in the morning after a hard day and not suffering the incredibly painful sensation of pulling shoes on over raw, blistered skin. Not having the first 1/4 mile being so painful you don’t want to walk but rather you sail down the trail, blister free? I was skeptical as well and for me they worked. The other week I had to wear my old hiking socks on a quick 3 mile trip and I got a hot spot! From a 3 mile trip. Yet, in my toed socks I can walk over 20 miles in a day and not have any issues.

You have only $16 to lose and everything to gain – think about it.

The second item I have become one with is Profoot 2 Oz Miracle Insoles – found in many drugstores and mega marts. Priced at $5 or less a pair these insoles are for me my second defense in walking good. I will be honest – they are disposable insoles. But at $5 a pair I can deal with that for the comfort they offer. I can get a number of casual day hikes out of pair, though for long hikes I toss them after the trip. What I like about them most is the heel area – they keep my heel where it should be, allowing less fatigue in my feet. Within a few minutes they mold to your toes. The only down side is that long hard descents (say 4,000 ft elevation loss in 8 miles) will end up flattening the toe area. Though your feet will still feel good – you just will need a new pair for the next hike.