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Recipes From Yesterday’s Presentation

Last night we put on a presentation for trail cooking for the Washington Hi-Lakers, a very nice group of guys (and ladies) who fish and hike. I made a couple recipes up for them, a variety of no cook, cold cook and hot.

Quick And Easy No Cook Recipes For The Trail
Recipes by Sarah Kirkconnell ©2008 Bay Street Communications, LLC

Cheezy Bacon Mashers

In a quart freezer bag:
3/4 cup instant mashed potatoes
2 Tbsp dry milk
1 Tbsp dried onions
1/4 tsp ground black pepper

Also take:
1 small package shelf stable bacon
1 ounce cheddar cheese

Dice up the cheese. Add in 2-3 Tbsp of the bacon to the bag along with the cheese. Add in 1 1/4 cups near boiling water and stir well. Seal tightly and let sit in a cozy for 10 minutes. Stir before serving.
Serves 1.

Ramen Salad

In a quart freezer bag:
1 3-ounce packet ramen, crumbled up (Discard seasoning packet)
1/4 cup freeze-dried vegetables of choice

Also take:
1 pack shelf stable pepperoni
1 tub dressing
Packets of shelf stable Parmesan cheese

Add 2 cups room temperature water to the ramen/vegetables. Seal tightly and let sit for 15 minutes. Drain off remaining water. Add in the pepperoni ad dressing, mixing well. Sprinkle with cheese.
Serves 1.

Salsa Chicken Wraps
1 7-ounce pouch of chicken
1 tub salsa
2 wedges shelf stable cheese
2-4 tortillas (depending on size)
Mix the salsa up with the chicken in its pouch. Spread the cheese on the tortillas and top with chicken mixture. Roll up.
Serves 1-2 depending on appetite.


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