Trip Reports

Hiking A Corn Maze

Ok, I am sure going into a corn maze doesn’t technically count as hiking….but yeah, what a workout 😉 Ford and I spent part of our afternoon wandering through the corn and only got turned around once – unlike the dumdum’s they had to send a GPS toting corn boy in to fetch……(I had to find that one pretty funny – that the employees were using GPS to not get lost in it). The best had to be hearing the person wailing about being lost a couple rows over. Ford and I got a good laugh in – after we made our way out. Better to not tempt fate by sniggering while your in the maze, eh?

Blue skies and the tips of corn……

Should I be glad it wasn’t a trip at night?

In the end we wandered well over a mile. A hard core hike indeed 😉 Or I’ll keep telling myself that……

I love fall indeed 🙂