The Economy Stinks…At Least Hiking Is Cheap

You would have to be living in a cave or under a large boulder to not notice the truly sad state of the global economy right now. (Of course……at this point, living in said cave might be nice at times to get away from the media shouting constantly how the end of world is fast approaching….)

If you look at it in a different way though…..hiking is still something we can enjoy, even when the economy is in the can. If you have gear that is serviceable all you need is a little planning, time and a few dollars for food. Sure, fancy gear is nice, I won’t deny it – but you don’t need it in most cases. Make your own meals at home and you can eat like royalty on a pauper’s income.If your shoes don’t leak, your pack fits…then go!

Both Washington Trails Magazine and Backpacker Magazine did articles this past summer on getting around without a car – they were aimed at high fuel prices – but lets say you want to go hiking, to just get out but you can’t afford to spend $20-80 for a tank of gas due to lack of cash? Well…..you could get crazy and take the bus for a couple dollars if you live in a outdoorsy area (such as say California, parts of Colorado, Seattle, Portland, etc).

Sure you might not get a super cool vacation but you will get outside and you will get to hike. Usually in the late fall/winter/early spring we do a lot of hiking in the Issaquah Alps, the lowland foothills of the Cascades near us. I figure if the economy goes even further in the tank….well…we can always start biking to the trails. Or walk more rail to trails in the lowlands. America could become a country of skinny people again 😉

At least it is something to think about.