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I Got To Try Out My New Tent……

Well, OK, not on a trip – but I did get to put it up and get in at least 😉 I set it up both ways – with my trekking poles to do it freestanding and then just using stakes.

Personally I found it easier to set it non-freestanding with the stakes. I have Leki trekking poles for women, so they are shorter than needed. While they provide an extender for that purpose I found the extender to be a bit clumsy to use. And frankly? I was able to set up the tent in half the time staking it out. It goes up very, very fast. Most areas I backpack to tend to have night time winds that howl so I always stake out my tents anyways!

I used to think years ago that free standing was everything but for me, staking out can be easier than fiddling with trekking poles and extenders!

Love my new Double Rainbow!

Side view.

The floor was nice and taught using the stake out method.