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Trails & Cooking: Episode 6 – At Hurricane Ridge

Kirk and I shot this video in late summer up at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. If you haven't been to Olympic National Park it is definitely a 'life list' park to see - you can go from the Pacific Ocean to deep rain forest to sub alpine to alpine tundra in one day… Continue reading Trails & Cooking: Episode 6 – At Hurricane Ridge

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This looks like it could be a really cool and helpful product: The GatrGard, designed to replace those stupid and inneficient shoelaces used on most low cut gaiters. I rarely use low gaiters simply due to hating the manufacturers instep strap - this could change my opinion of using low gaiters with my trail runners.… Continue reading GatrGard

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Spam-Tastic Lo Mein

How can one pass up the chance to make the trashiest of all trail meals? Well I know I can't pass up those chances......Spam-Tastic Lo Mein is the answer to that. Ford and I went hiking with Trailhead and TwoFourtyJeff today up in the Issaquah Alps, on Cougar Mountain, here in Washington State. It was… Continue reading Spam-Tastic Lo Mein