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Best Outdoor Cookbook Cover Ever

Is it the rugged plaid shirt? The work pants? The full leather boots? The sweet external frame pack? Trucker hat? The canteen?

Heck it is all of it! Every time I see the cover on Harriet Barker’s Supermarket backpacker I get a smile on my face. It was 1977 and baby boomers were into the height of the backpacking/outdoor craze. The book occurred at a time when convenience items for outdoors types was just starting to show up in stores. Hiker stoves were replacing camp fires and real gear was getting out there. Every year brought new advances.

Old school indeed 😀


One thought on “Best Outdoor Cookbook Cover Ever

  1. I bought a used copy and I love it. This sentence starting at the bottom of page one may be the truest thing ever written in a cookbook: “Don’t forget that water is the only thing you can cook really well when backpacking in the high mountains.” Seriously, that is true in the flatlands, too.

    How many cookbooks have an intro with less information that the four pages in this book? Sigh.

    For the perfect icing on the cake, a friend wrote haiku for each chapter.

    Backpacking for days.
    Found! New evidence of man…
    Plastic container

    Also, lovely pen and ink illustrations. We should all be so lucky in our friends.

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