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Bannock Bread

Yesterday one of our readers mentioned bannock bread in response to the post on cran-orange scones. I knew somewhere in the archives I had done a post on bannock and I found it this morning. I hope you all enjoy it!

From earlier in 2008:

Bannock Bread

This recipe was sent to me by Bernard, a reader of the site. Bannock is one of those things that back in the day every backpacker, hunter and Scout knew how to make. A bit of a lost art these days! You do require a fire to get it made in the old fashioned way, but if you have the time this can be a fun activity with kids.

You will require a fire safe pan (no plastic or dipped handles) so this isn’t UL!

Basic Bannock

1 Cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp double acting baking powder
2 Tbsp powered milk

Mix all ingredients together, and add enough water to make a soft dough. You can do this in a bowl or a bag.
Mold rapidly with handling a little as possible into a cake, about 1 inch thick. Lay it in a greased pan.

Hold over fire until a crust forms on bottom, then turn over.
Prop the pan at a angle in front of the fire exposing the top to the heat, cook until brown, about 15 minutes.

Another version was to smear olive oil on one side, put in pan about 5 minutes, smear oil on the top and turn it over, and cook 10-15 minutes.
The results taste like a cross of a biscuit, and a pancake.  Tastes better with honey.

Thanks Bernard! And hopefully everyone can enjoy this recipe which is easy to do!


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  1. My mom used to make this at home. Similar to a big pan biscuit. We called it doughty [dough-ty] cake.

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