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Mmmm! Bac’ Uns

Ever craved bacon on a long trip where all you needed was a Tablespoon or two of it and it needs to be shelf stable for the long haul? While I often will call for using the small 2 to 3 ounce bags of shelf stable crumbled bacon in recipes not everyone wants real bacon or will use up the package before it spoils.

So what is the alternative? Fake bacon! And what is that you ask? Well it is TVP flavored to taste similar to bacon.

So where does one find it? Well, one could swing by the grocery store and head into the salad dressing aisle where fake bacon bits reside. Those awful red-orange things are horrid! What they do is take a simple item and make it nasty – a certain brand well known should be avoided. Well, unless you like that kind of thing 😉

What you need to find is the tasty Bac’Uns™ by Frontier Food Co-Op. They come in regular and organic versions. Unlike the food dye bonanza mentioned above, the Bac’Uns contain: TVP (soy flour and caramel color), soybean oil, salt and natural flavor. They are vegan and Kosher.

These taste good as well – they are smoky, a bit chewy, a bit crunchy and most of all?  They don’t taste like fake meat nor do they taste all healthy either.

They can sit in your pack for extended hauls as well. Pull out a small bag of them and shake away on your pasta, in your cornmeal, in your rice….eat it as gorp. In any recipe where I call for shelf stable crumbled bacon, swap it out for this. Just think of it as bacon that isn’t as bad as bacon 😉 And hey – it even has protein!


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