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‘The Slow Fat Triathlete’ Book Review

One of the funniest and inspiring books I have read in a long time, Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now is the book for anyone who has dreamed of doing a tri or even doing a 10K race.

I love to walk and hike. I love long miles. But last time I did a 10K was a few too many years ago (I think Ford was maybe 2?) I don’t mind riding bikes though. And I can swim enough that I won’t drown. Lol…….

Her book got me to thinking about jogging the first 10K I did – I had signed up for it under the 10K Walk but no one else did, so it was either bump down to the 5K Walk or jog the 10K. And I did. Couldn’t move for a day or two and it felt like my knees were in my upper chest. But I didn’t finish last and more importantly, I had finished. After that I kept strictly to hiking except for the few times where I ran down trails attempting to lamely race darkness 😉

So her book got us wondering this fall – could we take what we do happily and transfer it to other areas? Maybe we can.

So who knows what next spring will bring. If I can get myself to swim in the lake we live on, then her book will have succeeded!

Jayne also has a great website to visit, along with another book coming out in less than a month:

Shape Up with the Slow Fat Triathlete: 50 Ways to Kick Butt on the Field, in the Pool, or at the Gym–No Matter What Your Size and Shape


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