Raw Video Of Snoqualmie Falls In Flood Stage

Most of the rivers are on flood watch right now – due to some very heavy rain we are getting here in Washington State this week.

Snoqualmie Falls is an impressive waterfall even in summer but come flood stage it thunders. The video was shot from a helicopter so it has no sound, normally just standing at the falls is deafening. Oh, if the roads there were not unsafe I would be there in a heartbeat! The building on the upper left is the historic Snoqualmie Lodge (Salish Lodge now). The viewpoints for the falls is near the lodge and below the river, both with easy trails to them (well, not right now!).

Snoqualmie Falls

On a side note, Mt. Rainer NP is closed currently as well due to the flooding. Kautz Creek has gone over the Nisqually Road and the Nisqually River is up as well. As well, Carbon River is up. This does not bode well and we can only hope that the flooding recedes before more damage is inflicted there (in refrence to theĀ  massive fall 2006 flood).