Went To Snoqualmie Falls – Video From Today

Headed up to Snoqualmie Falls this morning after I dropped Ford off at school. The rain stopped as I got to the parking lot. I bundled up in my hiking clothes/waterproof boots though – knowing it would be wet. And oh, it was WET!

The falls were raging and as you get to the upper lookout it was pouring “rain”. Well, it felt and looked like rain but it wasn’t – it was the kick off from the falls. The first half of the video is shot from up high where the mist isn’t bad, the second half is shot from the lookout – all I could do was aim my camera and hope it was shooting. (And was I glad I had taken my all-weather Olympus Stylus 810! The camera got coated in seconds.)

The waterfall was roaring and awesome indeed. As I left I was soaked all the way through…..a hot latte on the way home helped that 😉