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Truvia Sweetener

Came across Truvia sweetener packets recently. They come in a box of 40 packets, each packet being the equivalent of 2 tsp sugar.

It is made with Stevia (a natural no-calorie sweetener) and Erythritol to produce a calorie free sweetener that can be used instead of sugar in nearly anything. It is Kosher as well as being suitable for diabetics.

Personally I liked the sweetener – it is not pure Stevia, so it doesn’t have the off-taste of licorice in it. It has a clear sweet taste, it doesn’t overpower your drink.

According to the company the product is shelf stable so it will be intresting to see how it is used in the future. I will defintely be trying it in baked goods.

Find it in the sugar aisle (or the baking section) of large grocery stores.