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World Of Grains Cookies Review

We had a chance this week to try out the whole line of the new World of Grains cookies. They come in five flavors:

Cinnamon Apple, Oatmeal Raisin, Blueberry, Cranberry and Multigrain.

Each box has 4 single serving packs inside, making this snack ready-to-go for the outdoors. The cookies are also sturdy enough to take abuse in your food bag. Expect about 7 leaf shaped cookies per bag. Per bag is 130 calories, 4.5 grams fat, 3 grams protein and a helping of 3 grams fiber. They also contain Omega-3 as well (a great side bennie!). Even more importantly for me these cookies pass every test for me being to carry them: no artifical colors, flavors or anything fake added. And they pass the braces test – ol’ metal mouth here could munch away without worrying if she would be visiting her orthodontists favorite technician…..

The cookies are more British style ‘biscuits’ than an American cookie. But that is not a bad thing – by that it is the cookies are not overly sweet. Perfect for a cookie craving without the sugar crash later.

I enjoyed the Blueberry and Cranberry ones the most – the chewy/soft bits of berries were a nice touch. Kirk liked the Cinnamon apple ones. While I wasn’t sure about the multigrain ones and saved them for last – well I liked them. They were more like a soft cracker than a cookie. It crossed my mind that they would be most welcome with a bowl of peach coconut oatmeal and a cup of cocoa/espresso on a cold morning this coming winter…..preferably while sitting on top of 16 feet of snow.

World of Grains also is producing Clusters and five flavors of savory crackers. Both of these lines come in to-go packs as well. Something I will be trying as soon as I can get some boxes of them.

For now it appears a visit to Whole Foods Market is where to find them. And for all you Facebook junkies, their page is here.


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