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‘Wildflowers of the Olympics and Cascades’ Review

Years ago my mother gave me a copy of Wildflowers of the Olympics and Cascades when I got back into hiking. At the time I was often hiking in the Olympic Mountains as I lived nearby.

It is a gift that I have not quit using. My mother wrote me a note inside my book with her failing hand writing – it is a note that means more to me every year now. Every time I open the book I am reminded of her.

There are flashier books out there but what sets it apart is the amount of love that Charles Stewart, the author, put into his book. He made flowers accessible to the average hiker in the PNW. They are categorized by color with all color photos. Do as I do – take close up photos of the flowers, then the whole plant. Then I go home and take my time in ID’ing them! I sat on Saturday with the book open till I identified the Creek Dogwood in a photo. Made me smile as I found it.

For more information on the author also visit NW Nature Education.


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