Journey Of The Spirit Bear

For the past couple years we have been sponsoring our friend Mike (also known on outdoor forums as GoBlueHiker) on his yearly adventures. Our page on Mike’s trips.

I first met Mike in 2003 on a trip in the Olympic Mountains – a memorable one indeed. It was a laid back 3 day trip surrounded by mountains, meadows and Olympic Marmots. His most recent trip was this past summer when he returned to the Queets Rain Forest here in Washington State after he reached his quest of Service Falls, (in the Olympic National Park).

Mike as he came out from the Queets (he rafted down the river):

This coming summer Mike will be attempting another adventure – in Canada this time. It is Journey Of The Spirit Bear.

In July 2009, Mike MacFerrin, Cory Lindsay and Karl Schmitt will venture into the heart of the most intact and remote temperate rainforests on earth. The northern coast of British Columbia encompasses 7,700 square miles of labyrinthine fjords and ancient woods known collectively as the “Great Bear Rainforest”. Princess Royal Island, at 869 square miles, is the largest island on BC’s northern coast, and among the most remote and rugged on earth. The island has no permanent residents, no maintained roads, no trails, and some of the thickest, most biologically productive coastal rainforests on the planet. Few people visit Princess Royal, and those who do rarely venture far from shore. For three weeks, the Journey of the Spirit Bear will cross the tractless interior of Princess Royal Island, traversing routes that have rarely been seen by humans. Entirely self-supported, traveling by foot and packraft, the team will likely not encounter another human until reaching the Village of Klemtu three weeks later (on Swindle Island to the south).

Mike won’t be alone this time, he has two partners who will be joining him. Do they know what they are getting into? 😉

I am very excited following this trip in its planning stage. Mike will be visiting an area of intense beauty. I can only hope he doesn’t lose his camera……