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‘Roughing It Easy’ Book Review

Dian Thomas was a perennial book writer in her time – and her books are still very relevant in modern times.

Her first book came out in 1974, Roughing it Easy.  It was revised in 1994, becoming Roughing It Easy : A Unique Ideabook for Camping and Cooking.

In 2001 Dian brought out Roughing It Easy : A Unique Ideabook for Camping and Cooking. That book expanded on her first book.

She also published in 1997 Backyard Roughing It Easy: Unique Recipes for Outdoor Cooking, Plus Great Ideas for Creative Family Fun-All Just Steps from Your Back Door. It is a great book to pick up if you little ones at home.

She has also authored a couple other books and videos over the years as well. Her original of course is neat to read, be it the 70’s or the 90’s version. She loves dutch ovens and as well building solar ovens – so if you are looking for inspiration take a look at her books! (Again, they are great ideas for getting kids involved, especially with car camping.) What kid wouldn’t want to try baking muffins in an orange?

Dian has a website as well, visit it here.


One thought on “‘Roughing It Easy’ Book Review

  1. I haven’t thought about that book in years! We used to call it Roughing it Hard, because so many of her ideas were so much work. We figured if we wanted cake so bad we needed to bake it in an orange, we should have stayed home. I much prefer your freezerbag system. Although it might be worth reading again to see if any of her ideas apply to lightweight backpacking. Thanks for the memory!

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