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For those who live on the Left Coast in Washington, Oregon, California and inland in Nevada and Idaho we have WinCo to shop at. WinCo is an employee owned, chain of massive stores (up to 100,000 sf). And they have possibly some of the cheapest grocery prices around. Particularly if you like organic and natural foods.

You just cannot expect anything fancy when you go there – the stores are literally bare bones. Cut off the front of a box, shove it on the shelves. Expect vintage 70’s colors for decorating. You pack your own groceries at checkout and they don’t take credit cards. The stores are clean and well laid out. They carry foods you won’t find anywhere else as well, one area they carry strongly is ethnic foods. They are also well known for their bulk section carrying many hiker friendly foods (dried vegetable mix, cheese sauce powder, couscous, polenta and much more!).

One thing I love to pick up in the bulk section are whole wheat fig bars, they are individually wrapped and ready to go. The packaging keeps them fresh and they go perfectly into your backpack.

They carry a number of trail bars/energy cookies individually wrapped in the bulk section. A nice way to try out new items without paying a fortune for a box.

Often I pay 50% less for staples than I would anywhere else (yes, they are cheaper than Wal-Mart in many cases!). And in the summer months they often carry freeze dried meals as well.

Even better, in Boise, Idaho there is a Sierra Trading Post right down the street 😉 You know, for when you need an “extended leg stretcher” on the way to Utah……


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