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Berry Superfeet

REI’s winter sale started today and I happened to be near one (OK, OK, I purposely went there….).

I was in the footwear department getting a new pair of light hikers (more on that purchase later) when I decided to try the Berry Superfeet that are for women. I have had Superfeet in the past and always found them a bit weird fitting for my feet – the arch was always too high for me with the Green, the Blue ones too low. But my friend Dani has been happy with her Berry ones. I had my boots on so I tried out a pair in them.

Well, I’ll take back my dislike of Superfeet. They fit perfectly in my Asolo Stynger boots. I get what I need – my heel to stay perfectly still, my toes to have room and cushion for those areas. My feet don’t like “flexible” shoes nor insoles.

So it shall be interesting to see how well they fare in the next year – I am brutal on my insoles.

So the hiking boots are happy once again…now to break in my new trail runner/low cut hikers. If those work out, a review will be coming….