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Waterford Press Fold Out Guides

I am a huge fan of Waterford Press and their fold out laminated guides, the Pocket Naturalist™ series.

You often see the guides being sold in national park visitor centers, outdoors shops and in book stores.

They have a wide range of titles, from geological areas such as parks, to the night sky, how to read weather/clouds to birds, animals and trees in specific areas.

One of Ford’s favorites is this one:

At less than $6, Ford has quite a few of these guides. He loves them. They are thin, waterproof and light so I let him carry his stack with him when we go hiking. Good break time reading! Kids will also love the Pocket Tutor™ series (the ones on Knots and First Aid are perfect for adults!)

They are appropriate for both kids and adults. Kids will learn a lot as will adults who feel overwhelmed by big books full of Latin names….frankly, I will carry the guides but I won’t carry books. They are full color and easy to use.

Not only that, they are multi purpose. Need a dry place to sit? Sit on the guide. Need a clean work space for lunch? Use the guide. Lamination can be a good thing 😉