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Wholly Guacamole Single Serving Packs

Love Wholly Guacamole, it comes in poly bags, ready to eat and vac sealed.The stuff is very tasty.

They now have 100 calorie packs of it. How perfect is that for trail use? Just the perfect amount for lunch!

Take a look at the nutritional stats – this is good eating.

I noticed they also are carrying vac packed Hass avocado halves. I have got to find them to try out. No peeling, no cutting and no pitting. And no me sticking knives in my hand doing all of that. That and you can see exactly what you are buying – there is little as frustrating as paying $3 or more for a fresh avocado, getting home and it is yucky inside!

The items are carried in the coolers, often near the deli in grocery stores – near the fancy cheese and meats.


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