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This looks like it could be a really cool and helpful product:

The GatrGard, designed to replace those stupid and inneficient shoelaces used on most low cut gaiters. I rarely use low gaiters simply due to hating the manufacturers instep strap – this could change my opinion of using low gaiters with my trail runners.

Might be something to drop a hint about to my husband with the holidays approaching 😉


One thought on “GatrGard

  1. Sarah,
    I had this same problem when I bought my last pair of “cheap” gaiters. I solved it by tying one end of the cheap instep strap to the gaiter (granny knot – hasn’t come undone in hundreds of kilometres of hiking) and the other end I added a little plastic sliding toggle on the outside of the gaiter. A 4 pack is only $1.25 at REI ( The strap can be made big enough for my boot to fit through, then I just tighten it down to the right size and tuck the excess strap under the gaiter. That bit works itself out over the course of a half day hiking sometimes, but it’s easy to tuck it back in again.

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