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Organic Valley Nonfat Dry Milk

I really like Organic Valley’s milk when I am using dairy milk at home (say in my morning lattes). It has a good clean taste, which I appreciate.

So coming across dry milk by them was a bonus.

It comes in bags that are 12 ounces, with a zip top for keeping fresh. The company also makes a buttermilk blend as well. If you haven’t tried it, buttermilk powder is fantastic in pancakes and pan biscuits.

Even better, the two above items are fully shelf stable – they encourage it to be stored in a cool dry area and NOT to be refrigerated. Very much a hiker friendly set of ingredients!

Find their products in the baking aisle in natural food stores.

Organic Valley also produces a number of shelf stable fluid milks in Tetra packaging. If you have kids who love milk these are worth the weight to carry in a pack.


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