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Trail Cooking Exclusive: Glacier Pot Caldera System

Trail Designs™ has created exclusively for us a Caldera System for the GSI© Glacier Stainless Steel Pot/Mug. For the solo hiker who wants a kit ready-to-go that fits neatly away this could be what they are looking for.

From our trail store:

By completely enclosing the pot and stove within the Caldera Cone, and fine tuning the alcohol stove (included) to work in that environment, we are now able to milk every last BTU out of your fuel and funnel it onto all sides of your pot. Not only does the cone system optimize your fuel usage, we also eliminate the need for a pot stand by supporting the pot from the top of the cone…..and its wide base provides the most stable system on the market. And if that weren’t enough, by totally enclosing the pot and stove, nothing performs better in the wind. Period. The Caldera Cone unfolds to pack flat or you can roll it up for easy storage.
This latest version of the Caldera Cone features a bomb-proof dovetail closure mechanism, venting that is biased to one side so you can block the wind better.

The Caldera System includes the cone, custom tuned 12-10 alcohol stove, 5.5-ounce fuel bottle with restrictor, measuring cup and the Caldera Caddy to protect all the pieces and double as a mug and bowl. The Caddy also works well as a cozy for freezer bags in spring/summer/fall.

The Caldera Caddy fits inside the GSI© pot as well to save pack space. As a bonus, TD has included with every system a sheet for making a DIY pot lid with tab handle.
Caldera System with everything inside weighs 5.7 ounces. 7″ high, 3.5″ wide.

GSI© Glacier Stainless Steel Pot/Mug:
Designed to slip over the bottom of your favorite quart water bottle for transport, with folding handles for compact storage.

Can be used as a grande sized mug and used on nearly any stove for cooking up a quick meal. While not quite as light at Titanium this little pot won’t cause cramping in your wallet. It is a tough little pot designed to take a beating. If you like cooking meals that take 1/2 to 1 1/2 cups water this pot works perfectly. Easy to rinse out and clean.
Does not come with a lid, if you would like one, it is an easy DIY project with the included DIY kit in the Caldera System.
Holds up to 18 Fl. ounces.  Weight: 5.3 ounces   Dimensions: 3.5″ x 4″ x 4″

The Caldera System is being sold as the system, bundled with a GSI© Glacier pot (the best deal), as well as you can purchase the pot separately.This is a a very economical way to get a great deal on an excellent stove system.

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