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‘The Boomer’s Guide To Lightweight Backpacking’ Review

This morning I received a copy of The Boomer’s Guide to Lightweight Backpacking: New Gear for Old People by Carol Corbridge. It is a print of Amato Books.

It had shown up in my post office box and as I stood in the long line of holiday shippers I had a chance to crack it open. Needless to say, it made the painfully boring wait fly by. I was hooked – the book is well laid out. It sports many full color books showing what they are talking about in action. It is written in a non-stuffy, never boring way. Add in Jayna Harrison’s very witty comic drawings….

The book is aimed at the Baby Boomer crowd though anyone can benefit from reading it. I’d recommend this book for anyone who has friends who are newbies, intrigued about going light and or want to plain save their knees form the torture of packing old-school.

PS: Visit Carol’s blog here as well!