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Pudding Cocoa Mix

One of our readers had asked about making a drink mix – well I still haven’t quite gotten down exactly what she wants (I am working on it!). For me finding commercial pudding mixes without artificial dyes can be quite hard though a few of the ‘Cook & Serve’ ones by Jello® are dye free. But anyhow, long story short I got a different idea while looking for the ingredients to make her idea 😉

Pudding Cocoa Mix

Mix together in a resealable container:

1 4 serving size cook & serve chocolate fudge pudding mix

1 cup dry milk

2 Tbsp dark brown sugar

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon


Cover tightly and shake till well blended. Let settle. Use 1/4 cup mix for each 8-ounce cup of boiling water. Stir mix till dissolved.