The Not “Big Storm of Aught 8”

Ya know, around here in the greater Seattle area there is a certain news channel that shall remain unnamed (home of Danger Jim Foreman) who with the whiff of a storm brewing starts the end of the world planning. This happens oh….at least a dozen times a year. So of course the wailing started days ago that “BIG SNOW!”   “ICE!”   “Crap-Tastic Weather Alert!”   “Go Buy Bread And Milk!” started up. Well, I guess it did shut them up about the recession at least. Something good comes out of it, eh?

So that “big” storm? Yeah, at the last second it veered away from Seattle and headed North to Mt. Baker so all you gnarly snowboarders could get some freshies. See, nature can be loving. Or maybe it didn’t want to listen to a city full of non-Wa natives who cannot accept that they live in a city that has streets as steep as San Francisco…..and have no clue how to drive on ice. Oh the whining. Come on, just stay home and drink hot toddies with a fat cat on your lap…..use the storms as an excuse to be lazy!

I am a Washington State native and I will never, ever, EVER understand the cheese headed idiots that move here and freak out in snow. This is something that only recently stared happening:

People encounter ice or snow, car slides or cannot go uphill. Driver brakes frantically and stops. Parks car and walks away. Except they leave their car in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! In the freaking middle of highways! Who the heck does that? Two years ago on 405 when we had a freak freeze the road was impassable in some areas due to abandoned cars. Same on Hwy 18, Hwy 167, I-5 and many, many other roads.

Don’t people have the class of going in the ditch anymore? Sheesh…….back in the day you just drove 10 mph and picked a reasonable place to call your “lane” and slowly made it home. (OK, I am starting to sound like an old fart talking about how the whipper snappers don’t know nothing)

OK, OK, back to that “storm”. So it didn’t happen. Or did it? See, they claimed we would have horrendous weather today. Well, it did blow wind all day and wow, the rain was bad (contrary to popular belief it doesn’t actually rain that much here – it is just overcast 10 months of the year). So the news started blaring “Storm Passed! No Snow!“…so we decided to go to dinner tonight next town over. We were eating and the waitress comes by and asks have we seen the snow? I look up and it is dumping. Snort! Ah those pesky foothills of the Cascades we live near……guess the storm forgot to go around where we live…..

Was glad we drove the truck and not the rear wheel drive Mercedes. Then one of the windshield wipers popped out of place due to the snow weight that had built up. Our drive home was a hoot. Glad I was NOT driving! (Probably would have been “Hello Mr. Ditch!”)

Came home to a new news alert “Coldest Temps Since Storm Of 1990!!!!” Ooh, did I stock up on bread and milk? 😛 Wait, is Danger Jim Foreman strapping himself to the Space Needle again to brave the manly man storm? Hopefully he will be investigating the avy chutes of Snoqualmie Pass this time. Hehheh…..

Just looked outside and it is snowing right now. Wait, I thought the storm went North? Hey! We live South of Seattle. I think Mt. Rainier loves us so much it is giving us special Mountain Fairy Snow 😛

Anyhow, the claim now is we will have arctic weather hurtling down upon us this weekend into next week. Supposedly it will snow tomorrow and Sunday then go clear for a couple days but not get above freezing.

Ah well, I will stay home and sew cozies, sip on some hot chai tea and park my toes under the cat’s bellies.

Sounds better than making friends with Mr. Ditch, eh?

And hey, they finally closed the passes for the year. It is good to see the snow in the mountains!

Be safe and stay warm everyone!


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  1. That’s too funny. We had the same kind of hand-waving maniacs up here in British Columbia’s lower mainland. The weather office was calling for 10-15 cm of snow (4-6 inches). Saw a few flakes, but no accumulation at lower elevations.

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