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DIY Project

I have this section up over on freezerbagcooking, but it isn’t always easy to find so here it is again:

So lets say you are at the local hardware store…..

And somehow you end up with a massive roll of Relectix® insulation in your shopping cart. So shiny! So much yardage to whack up! Don’t forget the aluminum tape though….it is sold right next to those massive rolls by the company.

Now what to do with said roll of shiny bubbles? Go visit Stove Stompers great section of photos and easy DIY instructions!

If you are a Scout leader this is an affordable and fun way to get the guys making outdoor stuff. It can be a bit bulky but is cheap and light and forgiving to mistakes 😉

The company is also selling premade pouches these days – though I have feeling they wouldn’t last long for hikers who go out freqently (and good luck finding the pouches in a store!)