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Easy Trail Pancakes

Taken from Pancake Basics off of Trail Cooking:

For the pancakes we used a small size jug of Shake n’ Pour Bisquick Pancake Mix. The jug is reusable as well – it holds 1 cup dry mix (any add-just-water mix) and is recyclable as well.

The syrup we used the maple syrup granules from Packit Gourmet, which become maple syrup once again when you add water and let sit for 15-30 minutes. We packed the maple granules into a squeeze bottle for easy trail use. You can also carry liquid maple syrup packed like the oil below – it is shelf stable.

The oil is plain cooking oil (be it canola, corn or other) packed in a small squeeze bottle, then bagged in a snack size zip bag.

We used the lid/frying pan of the GSI Extreme Mess Kit and a GSI backpackers spatula.

Everything ready to go – just need to add water to the maple granules and the pancakes, then shake both well.

Turn on the stove, heat it up over low heat (takes less than a minute) then add a drizzle of oil to the fry pan. Turn the heat down to as low as it goes and add in batter. Cooked over very low, the pancakes cook up fast.

Flip carefully over and continue to cook till golden brown.

Drizzled with maple syrup and ready to eat! We made large pancakes, getting 4 instead of the 8 the package was to make 😉

Tasty, filling and very easy to make. The non stick pan combined with a little oil makes cleanup a snap – all you have to do is wipe the fry pan out with a paper towel if need be. For one person you could eat out of the fry pan as well.


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