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I have to laugh a bit on this – we took Ford to Disney World recently and while he liked it…he also said that he preferred parks instead.

Maybe it is less people around? No lines? No loud noises, lights and screaming? I had forgotten how overwhelming a place like Disney can be – for kids AND adults!

Still, it was fun, though very tiring. Standing for nearly 8 hours on concrete felt like we had hiked 20 miles rather than a couple. I kept thinking…oh to have my best insoles! 😉

Kirk took all the family photos – the ones to torture family with later….hahhah! I took photos of the two homes he can build for me once I am filthy rich…..


That’s right! My house is ready for move in? Yay!


Hmmmmm…this would be good as well!


Ooh! Alpenglow! (The sunset was actually quite pretty!)


But ah, back to hiking – I missed it! Monday’s hike was nice (photos later) of Blue Springs and a lot of manatees 🙂


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  1. I’m with Ford, just thinking about the lines and crowds at Disney makes me twitch. Awsome kid you have 🙂
    Happy Holidays!

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