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Blue Spring State Park

This week I had a chance to visit Blue Spring State Park in Florida. It was a cool day so our hope was that the St. John River would be cooled enough that the Manatees would head up to Blue Spring to stay warm. And it did! We were rewarded with about 18 of them up the short stream to the spring.

Looking up at the sky:


Looking up the stream to the spring:


A couple Manatees in the stream:


At the spring, which you can see (and is a cave!) with a Manatee:


The park is very nice, easy to get to if you are ever in the Orlando area. An affordable $5 entry fee with nice walking (I can’t call it hiking truthfully). all done on boardwalk with lots of stopping points to lolly-gag and take photos.
We took in the DVD of the area that they show, the volunteer ranger was the nicest lady wintering there from Ontario, Canada. She was an awesome resource on Manatees. Pretty awesome!


One thought on “Blue Spring State Park

  1. This looks great! I visited Florida a couple years ago with my family and we took a trip to Silver Springs (can’t remember where it is exactly except that it was a long way from our Orlando hotel). We saw alligators, turtles, and fish through the glass-bottom boats. I would have loved to have seen some manatees! I think the people kayaking through the area were crazy. At least one of the alligators was a big as the kayak one of the guys was in!

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