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A Balmy Day

The weather shifted last night and brought in cooler temps (thank you, Mother Nature!) so we decided to go do some non-beach stuff today. It was the perfect weather outside – high 60’s with a breeze. So Kirk, Ford and I drove up to Tampa, Florida and went to the Florida Aquarium – which Ford loved. Unlike the extremely pathetic aquarium in Seattle, Washington this one is very much worth visiting – modern and full of stuff for kids to adults. The group in front of us as we were waiting to pay gave us a couple discount tickets as well – a nice gesture 🙂

A very pretty pink and white bird – the pink was gorgeous


We had a late lunch afterwards just enjoying the cooler tempatures.

In the late afternoon we drove down to St. Petersburg and visited the Salvador Dali Museum – which we hadn’t had time to see on our last visit here. The museum is beyond neat. I saw a side of Dali that I had not seen before – it was incredible to see his work from the start to the end – to see how his art matured and changed. Near Orlando, Florida is another museum that was done by the same benafactors – The Morses, of Tiffany Glass.

The final massive paintings of Dali’s later works are mind numbing – particularly The Discovery Of America By Christopher Columbus. The size of that painting in person is massive, the detail in it is amazing.

It is a museum I can see why so many visit. They are building a new home for it currently, due to open next year. The neat thing is Thursday’s after 5 pm they let you in for $5. A bargain indeed – though the very awesome gift store will vacuum the saved entry fee right out 😉