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Honest Earth Baby Reds

While down in Florida I spotted some instant potatoes I hadn’t tried before. As I have written in the past, a favorite brand of mine was Paradise Valley, which has been re-branded Honest Earth in this past year. The Honest Earth line is owned by The Idahoan Foods company.

As many hikers know, Idahoan makes great pouches of ready-to-go mashers (the just add water type) in a number of flavors. Well joining them are the Honest Earth ones – where all the pouch contains is potatoes and butter. They make a bit more than the Idahoan pouches, they serve 3 well. What is nice is these potatoes are extremely low in salt. They have you add butter if you desire to make richer (doesn’t need it) and you add salt to your taste. Consider them more gourmet instant taters.

The Baby Reds are excellent – lots of peel for taste! I have another variety I will be trying out soon, a Yukon Gold if I am remembering right.

For trail use all you need to do is heat up water and mix in with the potatoes. To make richer add in 1/3 cup dry milk with the potatoes.

Look for them alongside the regular instant mashed potatoes. As well, I noticed this past weekend that Costco has the all-in-one mashed potatoes back in stock (the old Paradise Valley ones) with the new logo/name on them. They are fantastic for trail meals – the big box has a number of small packets inside, with each packet serving 3 people. Alas, no website that I can find 🙁


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