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Food Finds: Freeze-Dried Fruit

I was out running errands, picking up food items for some new recipes I will be testing in the next couple weeks. I usually check Trader Joe’s out every 3 weeks or so to see the new items in – I wasn’t disappointed. They had added a new flavor in their pouches of freeze-dried fruit, blueberries.

A shot of everything I picked up:


I stopped by REI first and had picked up a pouch of Mountain House’s organic banana snacks. The pouches are 1.7 ounces and sell for $4 (US). A pouch is the equivalent of 1 cup fresh and is marked 1 serving.

Next to that I found at Trader Joe’s freeze-dried bananas in a 2.46 ounce pouch for $2.99. The difference is you get less in the organic version. The other difference is the Trader Joe ones are slices, the MH one is tiny cubes. Still, both will work just fine for what I need.

Next is freeze-dried mango. Each pouch is 1.7 ounces and sells for $2.69. It is the equivalent of 10 ounces fresh mango. Trader Joe’s version is in slices, not cubes. It is fabulous in curries!

In the back, in the silver pouch is the one dehydrated item (not freeze-dried). Freeze-dried Pineapple is a frustrating item – while I can get it online from Harmony House Foods and at Trader Joe’s, I have found it just absorbs water out of the air if you don’t use it all up immediately upon opening. I have a recipe I want to field test so I picked up their Baby Sweet Pineapple that is cut in wedges. It should be very tasty! Each pouch 6 ounces (4 servings) for $3.59. As well, in recipe use it is very easy to find dried pineapple in nearly any grocery store – I try to keep the recipes easier to shop for!

Now onto those blueberries! What is nice is the berries are smaller. I have eaten Just Tomatoes & Harmony House Foods freeze-dried blueberries before and while good they are huge berries. These are more wild blueberry size. Each pouch is 1.2 ounces and sells for $3.29. A bag is the equivalent of 8 1/2 ounces fresh berries.

Later I went by Costco and came across this:


Costco is carrying a 20 pack combo box of Strawberry-Banana Crisps and Apple Crisps. They are produced by Brothers-All-Natural. Each pack is a single serving, with easy tear at the top. The 20 bag box cost $13.49, making each bag about 67 cents. The bags are .42 of an ounce, a 1/2 cup serving. According to the bag the Strawberry-Banana one provides the equivalent of 1 banana and 4 strawberries.

They are beyond perfect for trail snacks! The quality is good as well – there is a real difference amongst brands of freeze-dried fruit. The bananas used are thin cut and sweet, a sign of ripe fruit having been used.


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