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A Quick Morning Hike

Trailhead and I got out for a quick morning hike today, not far from here. We chose to do the backside of The Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT). Not as many people use this area of Tiger Mountain which made for quiet walking.

We lucked out – we went right between two rain systems, though the trail was a mud-fest/stream most of the way. Knee high gaiters were more than welcome today 😉

More than anything it felt so good to be walking in a green forest, damp clean air surrounded by moss.


We did though encounter many recent blow downs from the past 3 weeks. Most were easy enough to go over/under/around but finally we hit this mess – which spread a good 20-30 feet wide and was maybe 4 feet high. It wasn’t big trees, rather a mess of tiny trees woven together. We took it as an omen to call it a day 😛


Which in the end was a good thing – the last 5 minutes it started to sprinkle. By the time we were loaded up in the truck the rain started. Perfect timing…maybe the trees were telling us something? 😉