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Food Find: Trader Joe’s Applesauce Crushers

Back in December I had reviewed an import item, GoGo squeeZ applesauce. This past week at Trader Joe’s I came across their version of it, new to the store.


They run $3 for a pack of 4, a dollar less than the other brand. The lids are better designed and the applesauce tastes better.

Ford loved them, gave them his Hiker Kid Seal O’ Approval. Being Trader Joe’s though, you can bet this will be a limited time offer so pick up a bunch…the shelf life is over a year on them.


3 thoughts on “Food Find: Trader Joe’s Applesauce Crushers

  1. Again, Smashies also tastes better than Crushers, is organic with no added sugar and way more flavorful.

  2. Comparing gogo squeez to the Trader Joe’s version in person, I think they are actually made by the same company. Product is identical and if you read the packaging, both are made in France. Would be strange for TJ’s to ALSO be made in France (gogo squeez is made by Materne, a french company).

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