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Nature’s First Hot Cocoa And Chai Mixes

Ford and I sampled two mixes from Nature’s First today.

Hot Chocolate:




Both mixes are all natural, with no artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives nor hydrogenated oils. The mixes are single serving style, rip open and mix with hot water, then sip away.

Of the two, both Ford and I loved the cocoa – it is dark, rich and doesn’t taste powdery. I would go as far to say this cocoa mix was the best cocoa-from-a-packet I have found. It isn’t the cheapest, but then again…when it comes to chocolate is the cheapest ever better? 😉

The chai was good, though I am not a huge chai fan. I should have saved that one for Kirk. He would have loved it. From the tasting though it was a good blend, not overly sweet like many of the chai mixes are.

You can get the packets singly through PackitGourmet. Hot Chocolate and Chai.