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Meal Review: Pasta Salad Primavera

I made up a package of PackitGourmet’s Pasta Salad Primavera for my lunch today. I did mine as a warm salad due to being hungry 😀

The pouch opened with everything (there was also salt and pepper packets as well).


The meal comes with 1 packet olive oil, 2 packets Parmesan cheese and 1 packet salad dressing.


Pouch of organic pasta with veggies, bag of sun dried tomatoes and a pouch of freeze-dried veggies/seasonings.


The pasta is very easy to do – you bring 2 1/2 cups water to a boil, add in the pasta bag and the salad dressing packet. I also added the tomatoes, since I needed them super soft due to my braces. Then you cook in your pot over a gentle boil for 6 minutes (or until tender). Then I added in the freeze-dried veggies and Parmesan cheese and let sit for 15 minutes to absorb and get hydrated.


All done and ready to eat:


I didn’t end up using the oil packet (it is optional) as my pasta had plenty of broth left behind. Which I liked. As warm pasta this meal rocks. It is light tasting, not salty and has great flavors. It is vegetarian as far as I can tell (if one eats dairy). I can see making this up and stashing it in a bag or container and eating a couple hours later on break.

Now though – nearly every meal Packit sells is a two person meal. This one though is easily eaten by one person who is hungry. If you added in meat or had bread with it, it will serve two fine.
Definitely a meal I will have again – it was very, very good.