New Gear To Play With

I was out running errands when somehow I ended up in REI. Not sure how that happened πŸ˜‰

I was puttering around, looking at the January clearance items. It is pretty obvious that people are not spending money like last year – the sale has been going on for a week nearly and most of the good stuff was still in stock. Had I wanted one, they had plenty of REI Sub-Kilo sleeping bags in stock (I own one already). They were $85!

I did though pick up two new packs. One for me, one for Ford. Since he is so skinny and is all legs I got him the same one as me, since it has a smaller torso size. So what did I pick up? Two REI Quick UL 45’s for women. At just under $35 each. Ford uses a REI Jet UL for his all day pack, so the cut/fit is very similar.


And a view from the back:


These should work well for the trips we do. We don’t carry a lot but an extra bt of room would be nice (currently I use a 40L pack, and he uses a 30L for backpacking). Won’t have to squish stuff as bad…..

I also picked up two pairs of REI Sahara pants for Ford for an awesome deal, $9.83 a pair! You just can’t argue with prices like that. Now….I can just hope he doesn’t grow again before August πŸ˜› Hah!


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