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Guyot designs TapGuard

I was in REI last week when I saw the Guyot Designs TapGuard hanging in the kitchen area. Having not seen it before I took a look a bit closer. It is designed to fit into most wide mouth drinking bottles – essentially the same top side structure of the SplashGuard that they make. (Which I might add, the SplashGuard is worth having. I have two – one of the originals and one of the newer silicone. They really work well in avoiding soaking yourself when drinking.)


It is made of flexible food grade silicone (same stuff that baking pans are made of these days!) and comes with two active carbon filters. All one does is wash the TapGuard and then run a filter under water for a minute to get it activated. Then simply pop the filter in its hole in the TapGuard, shut the bottom and insert into your bottle. And you are done. You can add more water through the top without pulling it out, one side has an opening for water to pour down into the bottle.

Each filter is good for 100 liters, 100 bottles worth. You can get more refills on their website, two for $5.95. It comes in 3 colors: bright orange, deep blue and black. I went for black as it matches my new water bottles that I picked up the same day. My old set of 1 quart bottles were dying – the lids leaked so bad that I had to always keep my backpack sitting up – if I jostled the pack while hiking I’d get a wet waistband. So those bottles finally got retired to the recycle bin. I picked up a pair of Nalgene/REI bottles in deep slate blue with some cool trees on them in black 😉

So why consider getting one you might ask? What grabbed me was I could make my water taste better. The problem I have with water in the backcountry is I take great tasting water and then add MicroPur or Aquamira to it…..and it tastes/smells like a swimming pool. Not a good thing, especially in cold temperatures outside, the smell just doesn’t go away. So my testing is to see how well the charcoal removes the taste. So far, so good. It also slows down the water coming out so you don’t get the old cup of water pouring over you 😉

It doesn’t treat your water – that needs to be noted – but it can make the treated water taste better!

*Update*…..well I lost one of my new water bottles while snowshoeing, along with my TapGuard. Sigh! I bent over to tighten one of my buckles on my snowshoes and the bottle popped out of my pack and went shooting down a steep ravine. I was unable to get my bottle back so sigh, I will have to replace everything so I can continue my review. Pooh!


3 thoughts on “Guyot designs TapGuard

  1. Sarah,
    Have you tried hiking with a water bladder yet? I switched a number of years ago after finding myself dehydrated at the end of a day’s hike.


  2. I went to water bladders for a couple years but in the past 2 or 3 years went back to bottles. Part of it is due to my never ending dental work – it just isn’t easy to use the bite valve. The other thing is the bladder sucks up a lot of pack space – not a good thing with smaller packs.
    I do though carry an empty 2L bladder with a normal cap on it for camp use. That works well!

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