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The Many Methods Of Trail Cooking

Talking about cooking is one of my favorite things and get me going on about trail food……you might regret asking me! I often get questions via email asking about what exactly a style of cooking is and how to go about to do it. So here is a quick reference – with photos – to help out 🙂

Freezer Bag Cooking™ (FBC style):

You can find a number of recipes for FBC meals on the website.  Rice and pasta recipes are a great start.


Or as our good friend GoBlueHiker did it in Alaska:


The method of taking items that only need hot water added and packing in heavy duty freezer bags. When ready to eat, add in very hot water, stir well, seal tightly and put in a cozy to insulate.

What is a cozy you ask? Anything that insulates your food to keep it hot, so it can do its magic. You can use a dedicated cozy or anything that will keep in the heat.

A dedicated cozy, designed and sewn by Sarah and sold in The Trail Cooking Store:


As always, you can find many more recipes in Volume 1 of the Freezer Bag Cooking series.

One pot meals are easy to do as well: bring the water to a boil, add in the dry ingredients and either let sit in a pot cozy or in some recipes keep cooking on the stove for a few minutes.

A meal for one, Asian Inspired Chicken And Veggies, prepped in a GSI Soloist pot set:


A meal for two, Chicken Green Bean Mac & Cheese, done in a GSI Backpackers set:


There are many more One Pot Meal recipes to be found on our website.

No Cook Method:

Meals and snacks that only need cool water added and to be left for awhile to rehydrate. You can do this couscous and lentils, for example, to have really tasty lunches. Hummus is another item that works well. For no cook ideas, check out our Lunch & salads page.

Cheese spread made with freeze-dried cheese on crackers:


Lemony Lentils With Tuna Fillets:


Insulated mug method:

Very similar to FBC, but using an insulated mug instead of freezer bags. The mug acts as a cozy for you. Follow the FBC method.

This can work great for smaller meals (for one person). Using an insulated GSI mug/cup set:



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  1. great overview! here’s a challenge for you…

    of all the recipes you have (or have yet to make), what would you pick for each of breakfast, lunch and dinner that meets the following priorities (in order) :

    1. lowest weight
    2. excellent nutrition
    3. great tasting

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