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PCTA Trails Fest Is Coming

It hits me about this time every year. It is cold and gray outside for long periods, yet you know you are on the slide into spring – get me past mid January and I know summer will be here before I know it. Another thing that always has me knowing spring is near is the announcement for the PCTA (Pacific Crest Trail Association) Trail Fest. This year it will be held in Portland Oregon (2007 was in Seattle, 2008 in California).

The dates are March 27, 28 and 29th 2009. The main day is the 28th, a Saturday, when all the pesentations and the vendor area is held. It will be held at the Double Tree Hotel, which is near Loyd Center (a mall). The only warning I give about that area is it is safe during the day, but VERY seedy at night. We stayed at the Marriot a couple blocks away last year while on a trip and found the area running over with drug users, aggressive panhandlers, shady people looking to roll you and just general ickiness after the sun set. So if you do attend, I would recomend not walking after dark. Take a car and pay to park!

It isn’t a big trails fest and you do have to pay to attend on Saturday but I feel it is worth it. The presenattions are usually quite enjoyable (we were vendors in 2007 at Seattle showcasing our book).

If you will be there, drop me a note – a number of our hiking group is planning on heading South to attend. We are as well hoping to get out for a hike on the Sunday – Hoosierdaddy and I are missing a couple miles of the PCT down there after all 😉 I might have to “coerce” him into doing my will. Ha!


I love the forest down near the Wind River – which is close to the Columbia River, on the Washington side. Very pretty forest hiking on the PCT!


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