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Meal Review: Alpine Aire’s Tuna Salad Kit

I picked up a bag of Alpine Aire’s Tuna Salad kit online at Amazon: AlpineAire Foods Alpine Tuna Salad with Crackers.

It doesn’t show on Alpine Aire’s website though.

The Tuna Salad kit is a no cook meal, very simple to prepare as well. Simply add 1/2 cup cool water and let sit for at least 15 minutes. In most cases these “salads” do best with a 20 to 30 minutes sitting time. The meal comes with 8 pilot biscuits as well. As a pleasant surprise only one biscuit was broken – that was nice.


The water absorbed right in, though the peppers were still a wee bit crunchy after 15 minutes – which did add a nice texture. The salad itself was light tasting. Often if you take a tuna pouch and add in mayo/seasonings it can be way too heavy in your stomach if you have to start uphill right after.

I really liked this meal and as a bonus, the sodium is quite low for a commercial meal so it can be eaten as a one personal meal (which it really is, for two people you will need extra stuff like cheese and fruit with it).


2 thoughts on “Meal Review: Alpine Aire’s Tuna Salad Kit

  1. My favorite tuna meal is to bring a can of tuna packed in olive oil and a zip lock containing ritz crackers, which admittedly break rather quickly, or a sturdier cracker from Trader joes. I eat the Tuna right out of the can. It is delicious. Finding tuna packed in olive oil with pull off can tops can be difficult, but if you should be able to find it at a wholefoods if you have one near you.

  2. I love tuna in olive oil – delicious! I have a tuna brushcetta I do with sundried tomatoes and the tuna – it is very good. You can usually find one brand with a pop top out there 🙂

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