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Ova Easy Egg Mix & The One Egg Fry Pan

Over at PackitGourmet I had noted the Ova Easy egg mix a couple times and wondered if it would be worth buying. So I finally gave in and picked up a package on my last order.


Awhile back one of the forum members, Outamatches, sent me a neat gift: a one egg fry pan, tiny and light with a hand made lid.


The little pan weighs around 4 ounces with a super slick nonstick coating. It fits perfectly on a small canister stove with a long handle as well. You can find a similar one at Bed, Bath and Beyond and online at Amazon: T-Fal Total Nonstick 4-3/4-Inch One Egg Wonder Pan, Grey

So what I did was see how the egg mix worked – since so often powdered egg mixes come up lacking. This one was well touted so…I took the gamble.

I followed the package directions and placed 2 Tbsp egg mix in a snack size bag. I added in 3 Tbsp cool water to the bag, sealed tightly and shook the bag till everything was mixed up – check the corners, the powder likes to stay in them! I then let the eggs sit there for a couple minutes to meld. (Btw, this equals about 1 1/2 eggs)

I heated the pan over a very low flame (remember, nonstick pans are not meant to be blasted on high heat!) and added in a packet of olive oil:


I added in the liquid egg mixture and instantly it started cooking. Using a small spatula, I popped the edge of the setting eggs and allowed the still liquid part to run under – allowing everything to cook evenly.


As soon as it was set on the bottom and turning golden brown I flipped it over. No sticking, no muss.


It only took a couple minutes from start to finish to have fresh scrambled eggs. They both smelled and tasted like fresh eggs. Add some pepper, maybe a pinch of salt and you are good to go. The stable texture of the eggs would work in making a flat biscuit of eggs to use in a breakfast sandwich or in a burrito. It also would work well added to fried rice, Pad Thai, etc.


I have more recipes coming where I use these eggs. They are the best powdered eggs I have yet to find! And they contain nothing but eggs. How refreshing! The bag is shelf stable as well, you do not need to refrigerate after opening. The bag has a built in zip top as well. They are not cheap at $10.49 for the equivalent of 12 eggs, but well worth it.

Neat side note is the company behind Ova is Nutriom and they are based out of Washington State.

As for the tiny pan, it will be seeing a lot more use! It is a great tool and I see a lot of potential for the lid – pan biscuits for one? Yes!


2 thoughts on “Ova Easy Egg Mix & The One Egg Fry Pan

  1. Hi Sarah –

    GrinchMT did several videos about baking in the One Egg Wonder a year or so ago on YouTube:

    I just picked up one of these:

    for about $8 at my local Mexican grocery store. I think this is the same thing at Amazon:

    At 14 cm, I think it’s about an inch wider than the One Pan Wonder. That’s 14 cm inside diameter. The perimeter is about 15 cm and the overall length across the handles is about 20 cm. The lid limits the inside height to about an inch at the edges and about an inch and a half in the middle. Mine weights 161 gm, or just under 5-3/4 oz (with the lid). I see that you say your One Egg Wonder is about 4 oz, but that’s without the lid, so I’m guessing that the weight isn’t too much different.

    To give you an idea of size, I can almost fit a brick of instant ramen inside (width is fine, but height is is just a tiny bit too much to close the lid). I tried cooking instant ramen in it and it worked okay. I had to flip the ramen halfway through because the top wasn’t immersed, but as soon as I did that, the noodles spread enough to let the lid close. The nonstick surface seems to be pretty high quality. Works well for eggs and pancakes. I need to try baking in it next.

    I like it better than the One Egg Wonder because it doesn’t have the big handle sticking out on one side. That makes it easier to pack and I think it makes it easier to balance on a stove/potstand.

  2. The lid was a custom crafted item by the hiker who sent me the One Egg Wonder. It is very thin and very light, a neat work of art.

    IMUSA stuff is interesting, it is pretty affordable. In the West you can at times find pieces sold at the WinCo grocery store chain.


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