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Food Find: Trader Giotto’s Shelf Stable Meals

We zipped into Trader Joe’s this weekend – and as usual I always check out the “new items” shelf they have in ours. Never pass that up! I was rewarded this time with 2 new items. Trader Giotto’s shelf stable meals.


Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Meatballs:


Four Cheese Lasagna:


Both varieties were 10 ounces in weight. They came in a recyclable tray that would work well as a bowl for a trip as well. The method of heating can be microwaving at home or immersed in boiling water for 6 or so minutes for trail use. They can also be eaten cold as well. Both types were high in protein, have fiber and are reasonable in sodium, fat and calories.

Taste wise they were very good – no Chef Boyardee© flavor here 😛  A bonus was they are all natural – no added colors, flavors or preservatives. Consider them to be like an MRE for prep but miles ahead in taste and flavor.


As well they have a long shelf life – a good year and a half, making them a great choice for an emergency kit.

~Sarah (Photos by Kirk Kirkconnell)

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