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Gear Score: New Chaco’s

Last weekend we had gone to REI so I could pick up a second pair of Berry Superfeet (now I have a pair in my hiking boots and in my trail runners). Back in the shoe department Kirk spied a pair of these:


One pair only….and in my size! And even better? They ended in .83 so they were another 50% off the last price. Kirk looks at me and was “they are $23!!!!”. My jaw dropped and I grabbed them.

I love Chaco’s – I have been wearing them for years 🙂 I got my first pair for $7 at a REI garage sale (they were brand new – returned as the owner couldn’t figure out the toe loop). Those were stolen out Rain Runner’s car when it got broken into at a trailhead in early 2006. I then replaced with another pair that I have worn since summer of 2006. To say the least…they have been showing their age but at $95 a pair I kept wearing them!

I have always preferred the Z/2 as it grips my foot best of all their models. The model I found is the Sparrow, which Zappos still has in stock. Just not at $23…hehheh!!

My dear old blue Z/2’s have been retired for the new ladies. They fit perfectly and I am pretending it is summer right now 😉 Though I have found that my favorite sock, The Injinji, wear perfect with them. Cannot wait for trail time with them!


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