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GSI Glacier Pot Caldera System Video

Recently Trail Designs created a Caldera Stove system just for us – an exclusive to use it with the GSI Glacier pot/mug that we already carried. The kit includes the Caldera Cone, the alcohol stove, alcohol bottle with measuring cup, storage container and directions. All you need to do is supply denatured alcohol and decide if you want to add the pot with the kit. The GSI Glacier pot is stainless steel, designed to be used as a mug or a pot. We are selling the full system, with pot, for $40. It works peefectly for a single person who only needs 2 cups water at a time. The stove sips fuel (just over 1/2 ounce fuel is used).

Stove going, with pot in the top. The lid is a DIY kit that we include:


Full boil, using 16 fluid ounces water and 15 ml fuel, took just a hair over 6 minutes from start to finish:


I shot a video of it in use today: